The Birthplace of Free Ride Mountain Biking.

Mount Fromme is one part of a trio of riding areas that make up the north shore Mountains. Located approximately 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver, these mountains have a well deserved reputation for world class mountain biking.

Fromme offers classic north shore riding, with its iconic ladder bridges, rock drops, skinny bridges and, of course, lush rainforest. Overall, because of their technical challenges, the trails are better suited for intermediate to advanced riders.

The trails are maintained by the North Shore Mountain Bike Association. They are the only Canadian mountain bike club that is a registered charity. A donation of $20 or more is tax deductible and you’ll receive a cool sticker to show your support.

While the proximity of this area to the city can be an asset, it also means that Mount Fromme gets very busy. On weekends and holidays especially, make sure you arrive early to be able to find a parking spot. As a general rule, the higher in elevation a trail is, the less busy it will be.

For a fantastic look into the start of free ride mountain biking in British Columbia check out the documentary called The Moment.

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Trail Difficulty

  • Black Diamond
  • Blue Square
  • Green Circle
  • Access Road