Giant Rock Slabs For Miles.

Alice Lake is a friendly provincial park just north of Squamish. In the summer, it offers opportunities for swimming, easy hiking and family camping. The hills surrounding the lake, however, hide a much « gnarlier » secret: Alice Lake is the epicentre of one of the most enjoyable and challenging trail systems in British Columbia.

Home to some of the trails that made Squamish a choice destination for mountain bikers for decades, the Alice Lake area is best known for its intimidating and technical rock slabs. Those impressive granite formations might seem familiar at times, as they have been featured in countless mountain biking films.

It does, however, offer tame rides for beginners as well, especially in the off season, when the park trails are open to bicycles. Many family-friendly trails, such as Jack’s and Rob’s Corners, are perfect for first time bikers to learn their basic skills.

The main access road, Mashiter, is an old logging road. Because the access point is already at a good elevation, the climb is relatively easy and the trails can be combined in different loops on the way down to optimize the « effort to fun » ratio.

The trailhead is located at the end of a quiet residential street called Perth Drive. Unsurprisingly, parking is limited in the area, and we would like to emphasize the importance of being respectful to the neighbours if you choose to leave your car there.

While in Squamish, you will definitely taste the local bike culture, which tends to be more laid-back and less resort-oriented than Whistler. At the intersection of Highway 99 and Mamquam Road (which leads to the trails), you will find a wide array of services, including local bike shops, watering holes and a variety of restaurants.

There are several options for accommodation in Squamish, and many campsites are also spread around town. However, as the city is also famous for its world-class climbing, be sure to plan ahead, especially in the summer.

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Trail Difficulty

  • Black Diamond
  • Blue Square
  • Green Circle
  • Access Road



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