Nanaimo’s Biking Lovers Haven.

Doumont is one of Nanaimo’s most developed mountain biking areas. Located less than 20 minutes from the Departure Bay ferry terminal, it boasts a variety of single track trails on which you can develop your technical skills, thanks to a plethora of creative structures and trail features, such as jumps, log runs and ramps. The trails intersect often, thus offering a wide array of combinations for both short and long rides.

If downhill and free riding are your scene, the left side of the main access road will be more interesting to you, while the right side will be preferred by cross-country aficionados. Shuttling is possible, but not necessary, as the area also offers interesting climbing trails.

There is a parking lot at the bottom of Weigles Road, but spots can be limited on busy days. Carpooling or arriving early might be a good strategy if you don’t want to worry about crowds. There are, however, a few alternate options for parking around the area if you look closely.

After your biking adventure, you can easily find food and accommodation in Nanaimo. Nearby breweries offer excellent après, with a wide selection of local craft beers and of course the famous Nanaimo Bar.

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Trail Difficulty

  • Black Diamond
  • Blue Square
  • Green Circle
  • Access Road


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