Quality Biking Just Outside the City of Totems.

The rural vibe and cute downtown area of Duncan hides an amazing, varied playground just 15 minutes outside of town. Mount Tzouhalem serves up some of the best terrain on the Island that’s as pleasantly challenging to ride as its name is to pronounce.

For Victoria residents, the park is located approximately an hour from downtown, secluded from the city buzz by the scenic Malahat Pass. This stretch of Highway 1 gets busy during rush hour, so leave early or during weekdays to avoid heavy traffic. If you have a little extra time, stop by one of the small rest areas while heading north for a breathtaking ocean view, or head to Mill Bay to indulge in quality coffee on the way to an epic day.

The most wonderful aspect of Tzouhalem is the tremendous variety of its trails. Beginners can indulge on long trails such as The Grande Traverse, which takes them to the heart of the trail system with relatively few technical bits. Meanwhile, more advanced bikers have the option to explore an impressive network of blue and black trails that swoop and flow all the way to the bottom of the mountain. A logging road and a few secondary double track trails can serve as easy climbs back to the top.

The main parking lot is spacious and features a bike wash station and restrooms. An alternate trailhead can be found on the north side of the mountain, at Nevilane Drive, but there is only street parking and it lacks the standard amenities the main entrance.

Mount Tzouhalem boasts a spectacular view of Maple Bay and Cowichan Bay at its summit, which attracts biking enthusiasts as well as a good number of hikers. It is therefore recommended to be cautious on descents to avoid unfortunate collisions.

The trails on Mount Tzouhalem are managed by the Cowichan Trail Stewardship Society who do a fantastic job of maintaining the trails. If you ride at Tzouhalem, consider supporting them by becoming a member.

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Trail Difficulty

  • Black Diamond
  • Blue Square
  • Green Circle
  • Access Road


Double D


Bumble Bee

Loam Line