“I Think This Trail is Called Steep as F*ck!”

As you cross Duncan heading north, Mount Prevost’s silhouette dominates the west side of the landscape. Known to paragliders as one of the Island’s best launching sites, it is also home to exciting fast trails for avid mountain bikers.

That being said, the area is not beginner friendly, and is better suited for downhill or freeride mountain bikers. Riders need to be both confident and technically competent to safely enjoy Prevost’s steep trails. For enthusiasts who find themselves at home in black diamond terrain, though, Prevost delivers the goods.

The area is best enjoyed with a shuttle, as the climb is steep and strenuous, so make sure you organise shuttles ahead of time with « that » friend with a pick-up truck. Once on the trails, you will find a backcountry playground dotted with built-up structures, such as ladders and jumps, to spice up the flowy descents.

As in many other areas of the Island, the access road to Prevost is subject to closures due to forest fire hazards, especially in the drier months of July and August. You can still bike, but shuttling is not an option if the road is closed. Therefore, it is wise to check Trailforks for road closures before heading out.

Early bird takes the worm at Prevost, as parking is limited. The key to enjoy this exciting area is to organise in advance, and to be aware of your own skills!

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Trail Difficulty

  • Black Diamond
  • Blue Square
  • Green Circle
  • Access Road


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