The Whistler of Vancouver Island.

Welcome to the Cumberland Forest, known amongst bikers from near and far as one of the most fun, diverse and well-organized trail systems available on Vancouver Island.

Cumberland is a small municipality located almost halfway up the East Coast of Vancouver Island. The commute is a little under three hours from Victoria and slightly over an hour from the Nanaimo Ferry terminal.

This quaint little village is minutes away from the sister cities of Comox and Courtenay, which offer big-city services and amenities ranging from fine dining to high end bike shops. Mount Washington, half an hour to the north, is the Island’s biggest mountain resort and another interesting option for those seeking a room with a view for a weekend.

The trails of the Cumberland Forest are easily accessible directly from the main street of the village, where bikers can kick off the day at the local coffee shop or celebrate the end of an epic ride with artisan pizza.

The main entrance to the Cumberland Forest’s treasure trove is located below the parking lot at Dunsmuir Avenue and Egremont Road. From here, the transition from four wheels to two begins as riders cross over into a network of trails that dwarfs the size of its home town, boasting impressive signage and informative route maps.

Cumberland is great for bikers of any level. The city’s history of logging and mining left an extended network of logging roads and trails, which have then been developed for mountain biking, adding ample amounts of single track to the already existing access ways.

The trail system is blessed with a wide variety of styles, ranging from rock rolls to flow trails. Those who enjoy wooden bridges or technical features will also find plenty of opportunities to play on different structures.

The Cumberland forest is expertly maintained by the United Riders of Cumberland. If you are riding in this area please consider a donation to support all the great trail work they do.

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Trail Difficulty

  • Black Diamond
  • Blue Square
  • Green Circle
  • Access Road


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